GNUsTicker - RSS/RDF/Atom Ticker and more, Gnome panel applet aggregator Logo

GNUsTicker is a GNOME panel applet for aggregating RSS, RDF, ATOM, etc. and scrolling news. It may be extended for feeding info from differente sources (an example for POP3 mail server is provided).

Screen shots

Installing instructions

for common installation...
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
After installation you must add the applet by the "Add to Panel..." GNOME panel menu.

Since it is a bonobo component, you must ensure that the .server file it is installed on a path reacheable by bonobo activation server. (for example: for Fedora distribuition, the installation path should be set as follow: ./configure --prefix=/usr ). Otherwise you must properly set the BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH to [your choosen prefix]/lib/bonobo/servers in you ~/.bash_profile file